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Turkey might arrived earlier =((

12-Nov-2012 (36 weeks) – Routine checkup at the obstetrician’s. No dilation or thinning whatsoever. Very well. Turkey weighs 2.1kg…. rather feather-light. Good side is I actally don’t have to fret due to my extremely petite frame. We are targetting a Turkey of 2.5kg to 3kg at birth. Best part is I can indulge more ice-cream and chocolates (aka sugars).

19-Nov-2012 (37 weeks) – Exactly one week later. Turkey now weighs 2.3kg. A whooping 200g gained in a week. Bravo. -eats more-  But Dr. Ang found out that I am 2cm dilated and advised me to standby hospital bag. Also did the CTG to monitor Turkey’s heartbeat, average 140BPM and he/she is getting the oxygen needed. Whilst all is normal, I have to lookout for Turkey’s activities. Should there be any decrease in movement, gotta get check immediately.

Hence was a little disappointed to learn that I might deliver earlier than 9-dec-2012. Dr. Ang predicted by end of November =(( I just thought that December is a happy, festive month. And “Turkey” is meant for Christmas. Most of all, I can’t bear to part with Turkey so soon… really enjoy having him/her with me all the time.

I trust Dr. Ang and I like the nonchalant part of him – brief, swift and direct to the crucial point. Hearsay his clinic charges the cheapest pre-natal packages. I guess so, afterall he was introduced to me by a good friend whose daughter and niece was delivered by him. His staffs are friendly (especially the nice Malay lady) despite the clinic being packed and busy all the time.

On a good note, most of baby stuff is fully prepared. I should continue to the yoga classes and focus on having ME-Time before the Day arrives….. And don’t worry, I’m certified fit to carry on my usual tasks, not to the point of exhaustion and breathlessness of course =p