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Turkey has Inguinal Hernia =((

Last week I noticed a bump on his left groin area whenever Turkey strained his body while trying to pass motion/gas/urine. Suspected hernia as I’ve seen those in adults… but babies….? I decided to monitor a few days more until i brought him to his pediatrician last Friday, who confirmed it was hernia.


One problem after another. Jaundice. Reflux. Now hernia. Being a baby is tough isn’t it…

So I decided to see Dr. Chui at Mount Elizabeth, an experienced paediatric surgeon who practices at KKH too… He further diagnosed Turkey’s condition with inguinal hernia. There are these 2 useless sacs near his testies area which is supposed to disappear by itself, but did not. Thus hernia happened when the intestines got stuck in these sacs. Useless like appendix. The only way to fix this is surgery, any further delays might result intestinal blockage.

My poor baby has to suffer this much at 2 months old. Can’t help blaming myself already though i know its not my fault 😥

So we decided to schedule a hasty day surgery to fix this hernia on the same day. Not going to risk this any longer. I was exhausted as he had been fussy due to hunger from the 4-hour fasting prior the surgery. Dr. Chui’s clinic receps were very nice ladies who took turn to soothe the baby. They did so well that Turkey fell asleep in their arms each time. Now who says Turkey is clingy to me ?

25-Jan-2013, 4:30pm. It’s time for the operation. Deep within, I was bursting in tears when the anesthesiologist, Dr Khoo, an elder lady doctor, came to scoop Turkey away from my arms. Her presence made me calm as she gently explained that they will be numbing him from waist down and he is going to be conscious. My heart skip a beat. How can a baby handle that kind of stress ?!

The clinic recep assured me that Dr. Khoo (the anesthesiologist) is a very experienced doctor with kids and babies. Can’t help but believe as I witnessed Dr. Khoo cooing lovingly at Turkey… he did looked calm…

Less than an hour later, the team emerged and crowded around the baby… He was sleeping soundly in Dr. Khoo’s arm, looking like an angel. =DD

“He has been naughty. The moment we finished the procedure he poo poo on me.” said Dr. Khoo. I told her that Turkey attacks me with canon shooting almost every night too…

It has been 3 days since the herniotomy , Turkey has been coping well. The extra bouts of crankiness is understandable due to the wound discomfort. Gonna shower him with extra love and attention <333 So proud of him as he was able to remain calm throughout the surgery without the need of extra general anesthesia (the laughing gas…). Dr. Khoo said she only had to lightly pat his chest and did not need to offer pacifier to soothe him. He remained still and cooperative and they did not administer supplementary laughing gas too.

Heal soon, Sonny. mimi sayang you so much.