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Switzerland Trip (3rd-13th August 2013) – Part One – Preparations

Our first family trip – with my own family now. Baby, husband, and me. Felt so different when I used to travel with my parents, now I have the huge responsibility to take care of my 8-month-old. From packing to planning the trip was tedious. If I can keep the Baby safe, happy and comfortable, this trip will be a lot manageable for us. Prior I was mad worried about teething, jet lag, climate conditions, food for baby etc etc etc. I had to planned 100% for all the baby’s necessities and his well-being. But I enjoyed the process and learnt so much being a new parent.

Thankfully we did have an awesome one !

Hence if you found your way here…. you are probably planning a long family trip with (at least) one baby in toll too….

Air Tickets

We decided to fly with Emirates. Hearsay their food is good, and you can’t go wrong with it. Each adult ticket cost S$2050 (round trip) and the baby’s S$162. A little on the high side because we bought it late =((( To be sure, we went down to Emirates HQ to confirm the bassinets for all flights.

The Long Hours Flights

We’ve decided to split the travelling time and transit at Dubai Airport (Singapore — Dubai 7hrs, Transit 3hrs, Dubai — Switzerland 7hrs). Aside the basic toiletries, we actually hand-carried more baby stuff. To name a few – diapers, manual breast pump, empty baby bottles, his favorite toys, spare clothings, socks, canned food (his first time taking canned food), avocados (in case he rejected the canned food…), and small carton of frozen breast milk. List is endless and I’ve probably missed out some.

20130813_170009All set ! Baby and his “treasures” in the bassinet.

One thing about travelling with a baby in bassinet is the flight regulations can be bothersome. In the event of air turbulences, you are expected to remove baby from the bassinet and the air attendees won’t leave until you’ve done so. So if you are unlucky, you will find your poor and tired baby keep getting removed from the bassinet =( If you prefer to hand carry on your lap, you are expected to buckle the baby with you. That’s quite a fit in case you need the loo.

Baby Woes

Switzerland is 6 hours behind Singapore time and I am worried that jet lag will caused the milk supply to dwindle… Emirates said I can check in maximum 2.5kg of dry ice. Best to carry what we can manage, I brought 2 cartons of 10 frozen breast milks… one checked in and one carton to be handcarried. Also prepared some canned food and oats in case Baby didn’t like those provided by Emirates and a few to checked in too. I’m glad I got more canned food from Singapore because the grocery stores in Switzerland carried very limited variety of baby canned food! And thankfully, Baby seems to enjoy every bottle whether cold or warm.

And also a portable rice cooker and some millets (for Baby) and other non-perishable food stuff. We did managed to cook most of our dinners in the hotel rooms. Baby sleeps early at 7pm or so. By then it will be quite impossible to get out for dinner. Actually it is possible and relatively safe to do so since night fall is around 9pm, but we crave our Asia taste. Usually the man will tuck Baby to bed while I prepared the “home-cooked” dinner. We actually enjoyed our dinner together in the semi-dark environment. And for the first time, I don’t miss Singapore at all.20130812_192145

Here’s one of our dinner… sambal with zucchini, canned fish and roasted port leg from Manor.









Next post (Part 2) will be our holidays in Zurich. =)


It’s around the corner – #26.

It’s the tradition. Every year friends would outrightly ask what do I want for my birthday.

Sometimes I asked for new set of gadgets, clothings for special occasions, or accessories that I can’t bear to splurge on myself. Anything i feel sinful buying for myself, my friends buy it for me + dinners.

Ah…. pampered…

This year i plan to celebrate my life with my besties, i owe them lots for the good times and bad times they’ve gone through with me… I might want to include my parents and some relatives too…

machiam  my 21st birthday i know. =D

suggestion – any good place for get-together ??

It’s September.

So much has happened that I am no longer in the mood to do anything. Hence the long hiatus away from this cyber corner of mine =(

I keep asking the same old questions all over again and rethinking my dreams. I’ve tons of them when I was younger and here’s some recap:

  • to own my first Mini Cooper before 30;
  • travel to Japan before 25;
  • master Japanese language before I embark on my maiden trip to Japan;
  • backpack trip to New Zealand;
  • bring my mum for holiday before she’s totally becoming too old & weak for it;
  • a career at 27;
  • I want career advancement;
  • I want to be a writer;
  • I want to be a photo journalist;
  • I want to be Mother Teresa #2;
  • a new camera;
  • I want to operate a laundry business;
  • learn stock & trading since secondary school days;
  • I want to take care of my family, practically referring to being financially-able;

I need a plan. I need to change, and if possible, advancement and seek out opportunities. Ever since my sister was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis some time ago, I foresee my family is going need me more in the future both financially and emotionally. That is already happening. You properly get some picture who is my father. I have a love-hate relationship with the man i loved most and it is driving me nuts at times. 

What I have at SLS is a passion, something that will always be a part of me. Sadly, the passion that burns will never bring me any closer to those dreams. Is it possible to have everything ? That will be way too perfect.

Feeling that emptiness because I have nothing. None of those dreams. Feeling useless because I cannot give what I am suppose to give as a daughter and sister. Feeling lousy because I am a selfish girlfriend who only plans her OWN future. I think singlehood suits me more. Feeling lonely because I have no one to talk to who can understand those feelings…

Then I found something that might get me move on and further.

It has been 6 good months. I’ve been learning new things in a new, fast-paced environment. Beside dealing with sick computers, i learn to deal with sick patients and troublesome company policies. The salary sucks, but I see this new experience essential to what I need in my resume. It is partly Sociology and interpersonal skills, you learn how to deal with complex situations. To name a few instances- I was threatened by someone who promised to give me a slap, “talking sense” to addicts, observing troubled families, etc.

Sort of like the way things are now. I have everything except $$$$$. Life is a jigsaw puzzle loh. Just a few missing pieces to complete the picture.

I must keep on going. Lee, jiayou. LOL.

The last hope.

I’ve seen how families and relationships broken apart due to third party – that is extremely common on my paternal side of relatives. I’ve met man who strayed. I’ve met a man who never keep his promises. I’ve witnessed my mother crying badly when we were young. Recently, my mother has been down and out – at times her eyes red and swollen.

Why do women always suffer in failed/problematic relationships ? I am aware that more cheating women is on the rise now…. I swear to myself that I will never be like her, that I must be financially independent, that i must be emotionally stronger than anyone, that nothing can break me apart. I can only rely on myself for solace and comfort. And boy, it has causes me much emotional fatigue.

I guess that is how i sort of becoming quite feminist. And i guess thats why my past relationships never work – i resist too hard.

Thank goodness, I have a man now who loves me more than I love him… An angel sent down the period when my bro passed this world for good. (though at times he pisses me off real badly hehe). he never gets bored when i start talking how much i miss seng. always trying his best to keep me happy though he has super low EQ….

Why study Sociology. I am a curious cat. Perhaps I can do a thesis on what, how, why cause people to be unfaithful. Google on infidelity, common reasons are : 1) signs that marriage is heading towards doom; 2) boredom in bed with same partner; 3) thrill and ego; 4) getting back at spouse; 5) just itchy, etc

This world lacks compassion. Nothing is safe and trustworthy anymore. Hence please never take what you have for granted, the shittiest thing can hit on you. Shit hits on me because i was full of shit (i am saying this not to point at this particular cheating matter).  If folly repeats itself, maybe it time to reflect on yourself rather than blaming on others and the world.

The purpose of this post is to voice out my wrath on such issues and detail down the attempts i’ve made. It is common yet often hidden under the darkness of secrecy. I know I am not alone and I have no one wise enough to talk to. I am totally on my own to juggle with time, emotion and money. So I am not going to pretend that everything will be okay on its own. I’ve step on shit because shit gets in my eyes. So yea…. shit on you cinagolddiggerslut.

I want to take another approach and try to amend things. I am giving this folly another shot because I dread the thought of being fatherless.


Decided to ditch the idea of renewing my subscription with webhost. Please be patience while I set up this new place =D

-rub hands-