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Switzerland Trip (3rd-13th August 2013) – Part One – Preparations

Our first family trip – with my own family now. Baby, husband, and me. Felt so different when I used to travel with my parents, now I have the huge responsibility to take care of my 8-month-old. From packing to planning the trip was tedious. If I can keep the Baby safe, happy and comfortable, this trip will be a lot manageable for us. Prior I was mad worried about teething, jet lag, climate conditions, food for baby etc etc etc. I had to planned 100% for all the baby’s necessities and his well-being. But I enjoyed the process and learnt so much being a new parent.

Thankfully we did have an awesome one !

Hence if you found your way here…. you are probably planning a long family trip with (at least) one baby in toll too….

Air Tickets

We decided to fly with Emirates. Hearsay their food is good, and you can’t go wrong with it. Each adult ticket cost S$2050 (round trip) and the baby’s S$162. A little on the high side because we bought it late =((( To be sure, we went down to Emirates HQ to confirm the bassinets for all flights.

The Long Hours Flights

We’ve decided to split the travelling time and transit at Dubai Airport (Singapore — Dubai 7hrs, Transit 3hrs, Dubai — Switzerland 7hrs). Aside the basic toiletries, we actually hand-carried more baby stuff. To name a few – diapers, manual breast pump, empty baby bottles, his favorite toys, spare clothings, socks, canned food (his first time taking canned food), avocados (in case he rejected the canned food…), and small carton of frozen breast milk. List is endless and I’ve probably missed out some.

20130813_170009All set ! Baby and his “treasures” in the bassinet.

One thing about travelling with a baby in bassinet is the flight regulations can be bothersome. In the event of air turbulences, you are expected to remove baby from the bassinet and the air attendees won’t leave until you’ve done so. So if you are unlucky, you will find your poor and tired baby keep getting removed from the bassinet =( If you prefer to hand carry on your lap, you are expected to buckle the baby with you. That’s quite a fit in case you need the loo.

Baby Woes

Switzerland is 6 hours behind Singapore time and I am worried that jet lag will caused the milk supply to dwindle… Emirates said I can check in maximum 2.5kg of dry ice. Best to carry what we can manage, I brought 2 cartons of 10 frozen breast milks… one checked in and one carton to be handcarried. Also prepared some canned food and oats in case Baby didn’t like those provided by Emirates and a few to checked in too. I’m glad I got more canned food from Singapore because the grocery stores in Switzerland carried very limited variety of baby canned food! And thankfully, Baby seems to enjoy every bottle whether cold or warm.

And also a portable rice cooker and some millets (for Baby) and other non-perishable food stuff. We did managed to cook most of our dinners in the hotel rooms. Baby sleeps early at 7pm or so. By then it will be quite impossible to get out for dinner. Actually it is possible and relatively safe to do so since night fall is around 9pm, but we crave our Asia taste. Usually the man will tuck Baby to bed while I prepared the “home-cooked” dinner. We actually enjoyed our dinner together in the semi-dark environment. And for the first time, I don’t miss Singapore at all.20130812_192145

Here’s one of our dinner… sambal with zucchini, canned fish and roasted port leg from Manor.









Next post (Part 2) will be our holidays in Zurich. =)


Turkey’s Milestone at 9 weeks old onwards (to 11 weeks old now).

First of all, Turkey’s reflux seems to improve ever since he stopped Zantac and started on Pro Gaia probiotics… or perhaps it just got better by itself ?? I don’t know… Turkey is still taking the probiotics everyday… It’s beneficial to take as supplement but it is very expensive (SGD$40++ for a 5ml bottle)…

And it was this same period when he begins to sleep better and longer hours. I am so thankful (to probiotics perhaps). Turkey grunts and strains little his body lesser as these always disrupt his sleeps. In fact till today as I am typing this post, he has not grunt a bit since, but straining yes – much less forceful when he needs to pass gas/motion/urine.

Hence I reckon he is ready for sleep routine…

This brings on to the second milestone.

I started with night sleep and the routine goes like this daily – bath at 6pm, tuck baby to bed at 7pm. Coaxing Turkey to bed usually takes 1-2hrs. At first there was rocking, lullabies and so on. I gradually reduce to just breastfeeding him on bed, no more of the former and then place him in his cot when he is in drowsy state. The first attempt is often not successful and I may end up doing the same procedure 3 times, total time taken shall be 1-2hr.

I am not sure if such routine is early for a 2 months old baby…. but Turkey is handling well so far. He sleeps an average of 6-8hrs each time and wakes around 2am for feeding. This is a tremendous improvement compare to the first 8 weeks !!

The third milestone – his coordination skills and social behavior !

His fists finally founds its way to his mouth, LOLLL. Turkey has been enjoying chewing his fists and fingers. I see his joy in the new discovery and I guess I won’t stop him.. but limit his chewing. It is good for him to experience hardness and softness…

Also his “sub-conscious giggling” has reduce and he now loves “conversations” with people. This often leads him to smiling. If I am lucky, he does laugh out loud. I love to see him gummy smiles. Too much cuteness =DDDD

Week 7 as a mum.

As captioned in the title. I’m beginning to go crazy.

Too much time coop at home, too little sleep, usual fave activities has to halt, too many unsolicited advices (thank you but no thanks) and so many realisations… such is motherhood. Quality of life didn’t drop, but life has certainly change…

Turkey was asleep in the sling while I’m typing this. Both of us barely sleep last night. It has been rough ever since reflux hits him last week. First he was squirming alot (People say thats called arching his back), then increase amount of spit ups after feedings, constantly clearing his throat. My suspicion was right when his pediatrician diagnosed “reflux”. He couldn’t sleep well at all.


They have not heard of startle reflex. Normal babies has it, maybe theirs not.


They attribute their crying babies to simply crying due to hunger or stomach wind. Thats all they see.

I gave up arguing with these old wives. they are far more experienced coz they’ve dealed with more kids and babies. as far as i know, old minds probably has problem dealing with new info. I am no expert in baby field, but i’m bothered to find out more. It never occur to them that babies’immature systems has caused them to deal with alot of crankiness. Being a newborn and baby is tough :’3


For instant, an old wife hinted his prolonged jaundice has to do with my diet when I was pregnant. For parents-to-be, jaundice is absolutely normal. 90% of babies get it because their livers is not fully mature yet. Go run bilirubin test. If you don’t see yellow in your baby doesn’t mean he/she is cleared. Probably low in bilirubin but there is no need to be overly concerned. Keep monitoring that the yellow didnt travel down to tummy and legs. Turkey “didn’t has jaundice” on our day of discharge. I begun to notice yellow in his eye whites on Day 4. Sun bathe didnt work and by Day 7 it travelled down to his tummy. Hence on the same day he was admitted to KKH and underwent 24hrs of phototherapy.

It is week 7 today and his jaundice has cleared alot. Did liver function test and glad to know his liver is fine. I am not sure about the ginger and sesame oil part.. some suspected these two as the culprits for prolonged jaundice. My soup-based lunches contain sesame oil (very very little), and I don’t eat ginger. Occassionally ginger is used as garnishing in our Chinese dishes, but never eat either. My conclusion is moderation.

That brings me to the next speculation :  breastfeeding mothers should not take carrots, papayas, oranges etc cause it will worsen babies’ jaundice. Old wives, don’t mix carotine overdose and jaundice (high in bilirubin). While it’s true too much carrots can cause skin pigmentation to turn orangy due to betacarotine overdose, eat in moderation lah !