Baby Registry

Most of the essential shifting and makeover is done. Planning baby space is much more tedious coz it involves of lots of consideration. First I am combining my.bedroom + Turkey.nursery. Secondly, to adapt to baby’s fast growth, I foresee that the new organization have to be flexible and practical… Third, I believe in living with less and only with the necessary. Aside from practicality and functionality, I wouldn’t mind fork out a little more for quality. As much I care for Turkey’s comfort and safety, it’s also about making the lives’ of the carers easier (my mum and myself).

Not to forget the theme and color that has to be gender neutral. Turkey’s gender is still a mystery. If I have #2, these BB items can still be re-use. So there will be more cute animals rather than flowers or cars. More biege and (mint) green rather than pink or blue.

The next big item is baby/toddler cot. Hope to get it up 2-3 weeks before I’m due.  Probably earlier since EDD is never accurate….

As for now, I’m left with organizing and preparing Turkey’s props =D

Will get only the basic needful first. Hence items such as pram, toys not included in this list.

1) Baby cot with drop-side, also convertible to toddler’s bed;

2) cot sheet & water-proof mattress protector;

3) Baby/toddler car seat & seat cover/towels for protection against explosive poos/vomits;

4) Baby swaddle/wraps (thanks Jayine & JM !);

5) Baby carrier sling (gotten from;

6) Breast pump (Caline just shipped one to us!);

7) This redundant chicken/duck suit —->

8) Baby storage (clearing my room and reusing some old shelves);

9) new curtain with customized “filter” (the new curtains’ up !!);

10) Night light (reusing old aquarium light);

The Nitty-Gritties Newborn Essentials:

1) Muslins (thanks JM & XJ!) & fasteners;

2) Babies’ wipes;

3) Nappy rash cream (gotten from;

4) Disposable underpads as changing mat;

5) Baby wear, sunhat, mittens, booties (received some too…);

6) Some small towels & hooded towels;

7) Baby toiletries (mild shampoo, mild soap, nail cutter, cotton butts & wools, nose aspirator etc… NO nose-boogling talcium powder..);

8) carrier bag for outdoor use, preferbly backpack (gotten one from ZINC & awaiting another Kipling… wheeeeeee);

9) Baby bottles;

10) Disposable diapers (newborn & Size S) ( will be using the NTUC vouchers given by the clinic girls =) );

11) Seperate pails & baby laundry detergent;

12) Bath tub.

For the Mom:

1) Shopping for new clothes !!

2) Pre-natal yoga at

3) Nursing bras (bought those cheapo ones at PRETTY Boutique, no “drop-down”, but it works…) & breast pads

4) Belly Belt (very useful, managed to wear all my own jeans and skirts)

5) Tummy Wrap by Medela (very useful, helps to elevate some weight & also cover up the unsightly unbutton jeans)

6) Additional pillows (for extra support… also useful if you are going to breastfeed..)

7) Nipple cream (got one from

8) More moisturizers (for the tummy… stretch mark creams are expensive and too oily for my liking)

9) New 50mm f1.8 lens (hehehehehe)

Also received are burp cloths, bibs, toddlers’ wear etc….

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