Resentment & more resentment.

Who hates their husbands during pregnancies ?? I’ve asked the same question to my mommy friends and all of them seems to need their husbands more than ever during pregnancies. Am I the odd ball out ?? I’ve been thinking about leaving. Take Turkey away from bad things. I didn’t even want to visit his family anymore. Just don’t want to get close to anything/anyone related to him at all.

I did some detective work and got to admit the anger started since I found out the pregnancy. “It was you who made this happened. It was you who wanted this and you know I don’t. You set this trap on me. It was you who messed up with my life. You have the chance to seek a career while I will be home with diapers and milk bottles. You won’t be of any help cos your EQ is so low as usual. You can never take care of anything. You mess up my body. You show no consideration for me at all. You are still as sarcastic as before. You are not supportive. You never find out enough about pregnancy but get the misformation from hearsays. I can only have fries/junks either behind your back or when you crave for it. You are happy you are finally settled down like your married friends. You care more about your child than me. You care more about your FACE. You are too proud.”

I couldn’t stand the smell and the sight of my own husband. His work performance is not up to expectation. Just turn me off. People who said I should cherish a good guy didn’t know any better. You are not being helpful and constructive. You are just trying to show off how wonderful your life is and that you know what contentment is. GO AWAY.

I hate being emotionally ugly.

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