Gym Ball (aka Birth ball…)

I can’t sit through 15minutes and did everything i can to reduce this shortfall. Apart from the stretchings that I’ve learnt during yoga, elevate my legs, support my back etc etc… I still can’t sit through 15min. And I’ve recently endured 5 days of intense pain on my right lower back. That made sitting and lying unbearable sometimes. Good news is my kidney and liver are fine… KKH suspected that the expanding uterus has probably pressed on some nerves there, a case of unluckiness.

My first encounter of a gym ball was eons ago in a fitness store when gym balls used to be a hot stuff then. Then I tried it again at JM’s place and fell in love with it. I have been getting backaches since first trimester and it only got worst. While Yoga is some kind of physiotherapy that focuses on breathing and posture techniques, it only provides temporary relief for the spines (or aching backs), it is never complete….

So I’ve been contemplating about getting the gym ball. But I know there will be a lot of disapproval… Will it be safe to use during pregnancy? Does it really works? It is common in the West, also known as birth ball. Even more common if you are open to the power of yoga…

I wish I had gotten it sooner when OMY and YC bought one for me yesterday. What a pleasant surprise… and a very, very thoughtful gift… While i was happily rolling on it, exercising my pelvic area, my mum rolled her eyes and doubt a simple, bouncy rubber ball.

Now that I am carrying extra weight, it did helps to reduce the backaches and provides some relief. Now I can watch my movies, animes, books, feed my fishes while doing some simple exercises. It is safe if user follows the safety precautions. Glad I have it, thank you OMY and YC !!!

Kettler Gym Ball (55cm)

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