Art of Swaddle

Had a great ME time sorting out my room yesterday. It was Singapore 47th National Day, a public holiday for all. Wheee ~~~

It is time to allocate baby space and a few things have to go… and tonight I will be giving away my beloved Altec Lansing 251 5.1 speakers to someone whom I know will appreciate it like I do. Feeling a little sad to part with this decent speakers that has been wth me for 7 good years. Fully utilised for gaming, movies, and listening to Joe Hisaishi.

Guess I can start planning for an upgrade to smaller B&W speakers…. heh heh heh………….

Pictures later when I have finalize my room setup.

And then I unpacked loads of baby stuff kindly given by friends and relatives. Most of them were useful and my favorite are the swaddle and baby wraps since I have intention to swaddle Turkey for the first few weeks… At first I didn’t realise those were meant for wrapping babies until I tested it out on one of the Jolly Sheeps…. a good gauge to a life-size newborn with diaper on :

This wrap was given by JM ! Very easy to put on coz Jolly is not moving… it has velcros and very, very fuss-free. I reckon its good to wrap your baby before washing the head/hair….

And the swaddle wrap given by JC in cherry colors, I love :

I realised I have to brush up my swaddling techniques….

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