This Christmas 2012…

It’s time to officially announce that I am going to be a parent this December. At 22 weeks pregnant, I am having mixed feelings about being a mother. You see, I was never good with kids. I refer to my parents’ testimonials about this daughter of theirs – that I was strict, “a little” fierce, and has very low treshold for nonsense. My husband wholeheartedly agreed and suspects I could be the next Tiger Mum.

Some time ago, a few friends were discussing about the toys I would give to my child. I made it clear that I would be very strict with what I will allow. There are many ways of parenting, I’m sure I will have mine. I may not be the best in everybodys’ eyes, but I want to give my best by nurturing the right basis. I am in no way of depriving my child of his/her childhood just because I will not introduce television, iPad, and other whatnots until I deem ready…… also trouble is, “hurting” your child such as a mild spank on the palm is gradually no longer a norm…. yea, yea. Time has changed indeed and the saying “spare the rod and spoil the kid” is losing its popularity. But when discipline is required, it has to be done. I have not read any parenting books yet. But someone who was once exactly in the same dilemma told me, “Nobody knows your child better than you do. Fret not. Parenting is practising love too..” I believe her coz she and her hubby brought up their 2 kids fine, just the kind of kids I like.

To end this on a positive note, presenting you my Turkey (at 20weeks). Here’s how it is cooking inside…..

 13cm from head to buttock, legs folded. see the “face” on the right ? ultrasound scan surely produces a rather ghostly image of a skull…. and the little arms/hands floating on the middle left…  I asked the sonographer not to reveal the gender coz we want surprise !!!

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