Expect More In This Year of the Dragon…

So I got married and we are expecting our first child this December. Honestly, this sudden change of new phase in my life is giving jitters. I can only do my best. The preparation for the arrival of a newborn is more crucial than our own wedding…  we realise we need so much more as we go along the list…. it’s good to have the father more excited and enthusiatic than the mom. Hence preparation starts now !

Baby Registry:

1) Baby cot with wheels, also convertible to toddler’s bed;

2) water-proof mattress pad;

3) Baby car seat;

4) Baby swaddle (thanks Jayine);

5) Baby carrier (a sling);

6) Breast pump (Caline just shipped one to us!);

7) Electric swinger (Caline just shipped one to us!);

8) Bottle sterilizer (Caline just shipped one to us!);

9) This chicken/duck suit —-> http://www.flickr.com/photos/d40noob/3256741045/in/faves-lee84/

10) Baby storage;

11) new curtain with customized “filter” (ahahaha…)


The Nitty-Gritties Newborn Essentials:

1) Muslins (thanks JM & XJ!) & diaper wraps;

2) Babies’ wipes;

3) Nappy rash cream;

4) Change mat;

5) Baby wear, sunhat, mittens, booties  (received some too…);

6) Some small towels for bathing;

7) Baby bath supplies (mild shampoo, mild soap etc… might eliminate the nose-boogling talcium powder..);

8) carrier bag for outdoor use, preferbly backpack…

9) Baby bottles;

10) Disposable diapers for outdoor use;


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