Precious ME Time…..

I have been so busy. Sometimes I lost track of the things I do and even forget I gotta eat…. worse of all, having troubles sleeping because so much to think about…. What happen to the things i used to love to do when I need to breakout. As you aged, the surroundings change and so do you.

This is my first post of 2012. To my precious deceased friend Stephen, you are not forgotten. I’ve always think about our night cycling adventures to and fro, from AMK to East Coast. I have a lot to thank you for… and cycling without you makes a lot of differences. Also my lil’ brother, jiejie misses you like crazy. How come you are not visiting me in my dreams anymore? I figured you are already at a better place and properly taken care of.

Family wise, absolutely hate it. Most dysfunctional and nothing’s right.

Year 2011 was hectic but a very fruitful year. I had witnessed a number of blissful union of marriages. As for myself I don’t see that coming too soon…. the most common question I’ve been asked. Booooo~~~ Then I finally got myself a secondhand DSLR at a unbelievable deal, something which I has been considering for a long long time. Micro 4/3 or bulky DSLR =(

Also completed the one-year Capstone Project (YAY) and finally resumed Japanese Language lessons. I am saving so hard to visit Japan now…

Best of all, I met so many wonderful colleagues. Imagine the fear when an I.T. person switches to healthcare industry. I never thought I will last 2 years here… its the people who make this experience goodness and bearable. LOVE them so much… I hope to adapt as well when I finally graduate and start all over in a new working environment. The old saying to myself, “do good and it will come back to you.”

Mention about coming back, guess what ! I have been reconnecting with NICI plush products after 7 years losing touch with the brand. NICI is from Germany and they design really cute animal plushs! My first NICI love was Hampy Porkland and if I do recall, NICI’s plushs were pretty expensive those days. And NICI seems to have all my favorite animals – pigs and sheeps. Last year by sheer chance I found out about the Jolly sheep series. My, my, I cannot resist! Just look at their killer smiles…..

The Jolly Sheeps gathered to congrat “Just Married” couple. New series launched only this year. Hear say that it is selling like crazy !

Hampy Porkland was missing coz he needs to guard the car 😉

“Just Married” made me gaga~~~~~

And here’s my favourite photo of Jolly Blue taken with my new camera. Setting was in Royale Bintang Hotel, Jolly Blue gazing at “Diamond in the Sky” – the magnificent Menara Tower…

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