Bidding Farewell to 2011.

Year 2011 has been fruitful and full of heart-warming events. Attended a number of ROMs (Registration of Marriage), babies boom (and blue), Auntie May returns to Singapore, looking forward to end of university life, looking forward to leave my healthcare job, made some new friends, resuming Japanese language class, etc.

My best of all – a secondhand EOS 550D body paired with Tamron A16. Thank you Dr. Chung and Yuchun.

Never forget my first PNS Canon A70 that got me intrigued into photography. It begins in 2005. A70 was good enough to teach myself the concepts on exposure, aperture, ISO, and white balance. It was meant to take pictures of my toy collection. Then I got a little more serious and bought Casio’s EX-P505 – a semi-DSLR. Love the swivel LCD; it’s macro capability. All goodness of it can be found in my Flickr page. =)

Then there is Canon G10, super love this one which drago and I still use till this day. Took a lot of beautiful pictures during our travels. Superb colors and all.

-rub hands-

As for EOS 550D…. MY GOD !!! I finally got meself a DSLR after so long !!!! SHYET!!

From PEN PL1 to PL3, I have been thinking about it for a long time. Micro 4/3 or a hefty-sized DSLR for a girl my size. Finally decided to go DSLR because of the wide selection of lenses available to Canon, and yea… lenses are crucial for beautiful pictures. In the long run, recording good standard videos will be beneficial…

So I brought my new baby to Malaysia for some test shots. ^.^

Saturday Night Fever Grand Finale 2011 at Sepang (not too familiar with the models, would be helpful if you can identify and leave in comments. =D)

Tried the panning technique, failed terribly at first due to the settings in dim environment. Managed to set it eventually. Phew.

some teaser pictures first 😉


Then on 10 December 2011 where a total lunar eclipse is supposed to take place. Atlas we did not get the best view at Sepang =((((

Back to the city, we stayed at Royale Bintang Hotel, Sky Hotel (at Selayang) and Ancasa Hotel.

As usual, brought one of the Jolly with me. 😉

 Jolly Blue gazing at Menara KL Tower…

Didn’t do any shopping at Bintang Walk area and we only wandered around aimlessly… so we hopped to Sky Hotel the next day at Selayang area where Batu Caves is very nearby. After a sumptuous breakfast, we arrived Batu Caves and registered for the tour. No flash is allowed and torches are provided for everyone. Rule to follow is we should not point the lights upward to stir the bats from their slumber..

Thereuopoda, a long-legged centipede. the only fauna in the cave i managed to capture.

Beautiful shot of a rooster captured by drago.

Also went to KLCC Aquaria. Parking was a major hassle. Lesson learnt – go there by monorail if you need to travel around KL city.

 What we saw is only 30% of the original size of wild sharks.

  A school of ugly piranha. we stayed to witness how piranha snap up meat.

RM35 for malaysian citizens is a little expensive when there is nothing much at Aquaria. Was hoping to see more aquarium stuff instead of little live galleries of water faunas such as tadpole, snakes or frogs. It was a little disappointing nonetheless…

****to be updated with more pictures taken at Genting***

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