Inside my bucket list ….

Something traumatic happened at work today. I was attending to a patient when a lady rushed in the clinic and said someone had collapsed. My colleague and doctor immediately rushed out to the site. I was alone in the clinic baffled and lost. My responsibility is to tend to the clinic and I dial 995. First time emergency had happened during my shift; first time dialing 995. I hid my anxiousness while 2 nice patients prayed with me for the soonest arrival of the ambulance…… I was shaky in fact.

Then it hit me that I should really take up first aid course, something I have been hesitating for years. what if my nurse colleague is not around with me when emergencies happen again? I learnt that the old man most likely to be gone as they desperately tried for resuscitation , I salute my heroic doctor and heroine colleague. Both were visibly affected and traumatized by the experience. The sight was pretty scary as the man was bleeding by the eye socket, nose and mouth, no pulse, flatline, no revival…. Despite the horrific sight, the doc continued mouth-to-mouth while my colleague performed CPR.

Their courage pushed me to stop hesitating and I am proud of them. In matter of life and death, every second matters so much….. I’m finally feeling the importance of it. Will be signing up basic first aid course after exams.

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