Replacing Xperia Arc X12 (LT15i) Digitizer.

I dropped my one-month old precious Arc while getting out of my car. Never, never leave your smartphone on the lap after use. This advice is for the absent-minded ones like me…. And I cracked my screen quite badly.

Hoping Sony Ericsson would “kindly” grant me a free replacement, or at least for a small fee (hehehe), I went to the Service Center at Bishan and came home utterly disappointed. S$300+++ to replace a new screen, some more have to wait for at least a month due to spare parts shortage. The poor service officer tried explaining in calmly manner when i bellowed that I could fix my car’s windscreen instead with that sum of money; and how disappointed I am with SE’s product. Sigh. I knew nothing can be done if I want my screen fix ASAP ASAP.

I called the Service Center at Wisma Atria and the same reply was returned to me. Seriously, I was so low in the mood and I thought of giving up the Arc and get iPhone 4. Replacing iPhone 4 screen only cost $100 or less lor. The Ah Beng repair stores said my phone would worth less than S$200 under that condition !! Might as well keep the $888 phone and burn it at home. TMD. More bad news, the ah bengs cannot guarantee to fix the screen perfectly because the model is so new and arrival of spare part would take 1-3 months.

I was in despair and called my sista WZ to let out my sorrow =((((( He said I should calm down, and I will always find my way. He’s right…..

Tried my luck at eBay and bought the new digitizer from a nice seller. I was elated when my parcel from Hong Kong arrived within a week. Decided to document the process of replacing the cracked screen (or digitizer). I think it is useful for fellow X12 users who might be facing the same heartache. Pics below :

(Disclaimer: The content below serves as general information to X12 users, especially those with cracked screens. This is not a guide. It is a brief documentation of how I attempted to replace my cracked screen. Hence it is at your own risk and I bear no responsibilities or whatsoever.)

Stuff to prepare – finger cots (coz i have sweaty palms…), philip driver (the crossed type was used for spectacles..), star screwdriver, plastic blade or tough guitar pick or useless credit card, double-sided tape.

Left: Original screen, freshly cracked. Right: new digitizer arrived in an aluminium case box !!

I did a safety remove of SD card and switched off my phone. My heart was thumping wildly. Will I ever see my Arc wakes up after this surgical procedure ?

Remove the back battery cover, remove battery, remove SD card and SIM card.

Unscrew all 6 screws at the side. Now, get ready the plastic blade (pick or card) to slide the black frame.

It feels a little tight because the frame is secured by cache clips around…. gently slide the blade underneath the chrome side of the frame. Force the frame in an upward motion… The Up/Down volume button might drop out at this point… pic below after the frame is seperated from main body.

Note that the black frame is remove... exposing the PCB inside. Take note of the areas circled in red.

See three red circles in the above picture ? Remove the black parts one by one, this is to seperate the yellow flexible ribbons that connect the screen/digitizer to the main body.

Tuck the freed yellow ribbons underneath the PCB…

Tuck ribbons under PCB, beware of the slim silver cable & slim ribbon beside the phone. Very carefully, we are going to flip the phone over now.

Careful of the silver wire and slim ribbon at the sides (circled in red). Remove the loose parts such as the camera lens etc (as indicated by red arrows). Almost ready to flip the phone gently now.

The PCB is still attached to main body as we flip over the phone. Now, get ready to remove the screen/digitizer !!

Much to my relief, the screen/digitizer was secured by double-sided tape instead of permanant glue. Use the blade or pick to remove the whole piece of screen in an upward motion. I cracked my screen further at this point =.=

TADAH !! The whole screen/digitizer is out ! Clean away the residue and unwanted double-sided tape.

Clean the sides before sticking on fresh double-sided tape. Make sure the surfaces both sides are cleaned to enhance the stickiness…

Stick the new screen/digitizer onto the frame. Align it properly (refer to picture above)…

Do the reverse steps to fix back the complete phone… very fast from here =)

Completed. New screen/digitizer. WORKING PERFECT !!!

I have been using the new screen for a week now. Working fine, no glitches or whatsoever. Just like the original =)

    • Kiwiwiwi
    • June 22nd, 2011

    Wah… Dunno how you can fix things so well man! My hats off to ya! Well done… 😀

  1. hehe. I want to fix problematic people too.

    • Wvl
    • February 21st, 2012

    Nice job! Where did you get the tape to attach the screen? Thx

    • I use some super thin 3M tape to mount the new screen. Sticking well till now =)

    • Scotty
    • February 24th, 2012

    I am in the process of replacing my screen just now the foam pad that sits underneath the screen is damaged do u think this is essential for the new screen to work

    • Weird mine doesn’t have any foam pad. My main concern is as long as the electrical parts are seperated properly and not in contact with any metal pieces that will not cause electrical shocks…

      Good luck and hope you are successfully done with the fixing by now.

    • Marvit
    • August 12th, 2012

    It was a great help…
    Thank you very much…

    • Mehmet
    • September 4th, 2012


    From which seller did you buy the screen? I have a bad experience with an older Samsung phone. When I both a screen from China last time the colors were not correct.


    • Hi Mehmet,

      I bought it from eBay. Sent you an email.

    • GungNumStyle
    • September 27th, 2012

    Pls send me an email too im having same problem broken digitizer on my xperia arc s tnanks.

    • CK
    • November 4th, 2012

    Hey I also cracked my screen lately, could you mail me where to buy a replacement from ?

    • HI CK

      Sent you an email on the details. Good luck.

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