May I have some peace, love & support.

19 May 2011 onwards has been eventful and pushed my emotion quotient to the extreme. I would rather die if not for Aunt May and Aunt Lilian. Funny thing is, they were the ones who fully empathized my situation when i needed the most help.

Not my parents, not my boyfriend. Not the people who matter the most and I feel utterly lonely.

Ever since my sister was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, it is a lifelong medical condition that I hope would bond this family closer. To my exasperation, my father has no clue about the kind of trouble my sister might face forever. Still happy in his own string of affairs which affect my mum, who cannot and will not behave rational. So people are telling me I am the luckiest daughter because he gave me a Mini Cooper. YOU HAVE NO CLUE AT ALL, you have no rights to make judgement like that. That damn car was given out of guilt, not love. What is there for you to be envious about ? WTF.

I am not complaining about having to take care of my sister, who is currently recuperating at home after her major op – thymectomy. Our father only shows his superficial concern, our mother lost in her sea of thoughts. My sister and I are disappointed because we couldn’t feel their presence anymore. I am determine to make sure my sister recieves the best care at this point of time. She maybe the most spoilt, lazy and untidy child. For that I am getting repeated hints I shouldn’t take over my mother’s caregiving role.

If the main caregiver can no longer provide, I know I will regret forever if I do not take over. For the past few weeks, I guarded my sister’s diet closely. Our mother stop cooking because her husband prefers to dine outside. So my sister has to suffer ?? Aunt Lilian has been providing our lunches and dinners for the past 4 days. I AM SO RELIEVED.

I am proud of my sister because she did not whine about her pain and suffering all these times. She braved and endured the ordeals without complaints. She has been cooperative with the meals I am providing. Jie Jie is eating the same food too.

Her recovery is my first priority now.

  1. 加油 Lifang =)

  2. Thanks. Hope to see you at Corina’s place on 25th =D

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