Sony Ericsson Xperia™ arc.. in my hands.. at last !!!

Good old C903 finally broke down and it’s time to get a new phone. Few models I had in mind were Nokia N8, BB Torch, iphone 4, and Xperia™ arc. All I wanted was a phone that is packed with better camera (and features)… and it should fit nicely into my pockets.

Toyed with my sister’s iphone 4 and didn’t quite like it. BB Torch looking like uncle’s walkie-talkie in my palm. N8 kinda outdated, except for its Carl Zeiss lens. Arc has it all of what I want, but huge =(

“Get the Arc lah ! Since I cannot afford the 42″ bravia, i’ll get you the 4.2″ instead.” And Drago was right.

I have been having sleepless nights ever since my first Android machine landed in my hands…. SUPER SUPER LOVE IT TONS ~~~~~~~

Pictures below to show my new love. It looks even sexier in real life….


Presenting Xperia Arc (Midnight Blue).... and my uber cute niece, KEERA.

Picture above taken with C903. Will be keeping it for interviewing purposes…. the voice-recording and camera is good for mobilephone standard… C903’s camera is packed with lots of useful features such as Shoot Mode, Scene selection, Focus, White Balance, and Effects. 80% of these features were gone in the new Xperia Arc. =((((( Perhaps it’s because the Arc does not belongs to Cybershot family…

Compare to my sister’s iphone 4, Xperia™ arc is feather-light, ultra sleek and thin.

It feels like you didn’t carry anything sometimes… the 4.2″screen driven by Bravia Engine provides great viewing experience, but it is that beauty that suck away the battery life.

I consider Android useful for non-standard users who prefer to manipulate the outlook, function etc. The joy (and pain) of tweaking the phone from almost head to toe….  If you enjoy designing, you might enjoy customizing your unique phone features.

Actually I am behind time already, waited so long for my first touch screen.

Xperia Arc

Comparing mouse & Xperia Arc...

Almost same length as the mouse… but only 1/5 of its thickness. Sweetie Keera =)

Photos and videos were rather grainy under low-light conditions. Moreover there were hiccups a few times during video recordings. I wonder if it is a buggy flaw or something could be wrong with my set =(

Otherwise, under bright environment you will definitely see the HD’s qualities of crisp and clear during playback. Too good for a mobile phone, that is. In addition, the sound quality of the music is good… typical of Sony…

Below are some photos and video taken by Xperia Arc. Sometimes I am impressed by the qualities, sometimes no.Once again,  I wish they would pack all those wonderful features back like C903 and k850i did…… or maybe there is an app I should look for…

auto mode

Taken during broad daylight. Find it grainy. Gonna test a few more rounds and season the phone a bit more.

auto mode

No flash, taken under spot light.

No flash, normal room light. Dim condition.

Colors are true to our eyes… Lastly….. Behold….

HD Video. But didn’t do the Arc justice under dim lighting =( Will be playing around with it more, guess the Arc needs more time to be seasoned.

Xperia™ arc is my 5th Sony Ericsson to date…. k850i was my favorite Cybershot, and Xperia for it’s Android platform, kickass screen, HD video etc. I hope to update more videos and photos, and see improvement in that area =)

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