“micro-sized building block” – nanoblock

Happened to find out about this wonderful lego-like jigsaw puzzles so recently. Originated from Japan, it has already been selling in Singapore since January 2010 and not difficult to find. I am meeting YC this friday to get my hands on my first nanoblock at Toy’r’us, but I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to find out more first…

Here’s what I’ve found out:

I could get it at OG. We have one OG opposite Sim Lim Square. I could happen to pop by while on the way to work. Teeheehee.

It was love at first sight. The last time I felt so much affection was Stikfas, prior was Toy2r (Qee). Just yesterday I had a new addition and still very much in love with the former. As of today, I realised I am up for anything miniature and brilliant. Now I can continue to dream about my showcase cabinet to display all collection. Can’t do anything about it because I was told many times again that we might be moving out. It is really frustrating when it never happen, even more so disappointed about my lack of efficiency to house them properly… I guess I have an idea how my future house should be. It must have a computer room aka theatre room with good sound system and mini bar, a room to display my collection, books, CDs etc, one airy and bright kitchen, bedroom with damn good view. Hrmmmmmmm~~~~~

Happy pictures below !

 nanoblock - Electric Guitar Behind nanoblock is OG, where i bought my first love.

nanoblock - Electric Guitar your love never fails to look beautiful at any angles.

nanoblock - Electric Guitar Setting up, the Infant Stage.

nanoblock - Electric Guitar top view.

nanoblock - Electric Guitar Almost there !! -rub hands-

Goomba posing with Electric Guitar. Not looking very pleased. Obviously. Goomba posing with Electric Guitar. Not looking cool, not looking pleased either. He has no hands to smash the guitar like dude on the stage… poor evil mushroom.

nanoblock - Electric Guitar Finally meeting my new love after so long !!

    • Kiwiwiwi
    • March 9th, 2011

    This one damn cool lah!!! Why you like everything small-small? Nanoblock… Mini Cooper… lol

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