SNBB 15mbps.


Recent upgrade from 8mbps to 15mbps plan. Say you did not realise there is an upgrade, you probably will not feel the speed of browsing increases significantly. I see fast loading of images/videos intensive websites, the Youtube, for one. Facebook’s Monopoly loads faster. Gmarket loads faster too. Could be placebo effect… 

But ack, certain sites seem to get stuck halfway during load and a refresh will dissolve the stuck… Prior switching to the new 2wire integrated modem, i have no problems surfing with my good old linksys. wonder what is missing out -sigh-

Anyway, the result seems decent. was hoping to hit 1.1mbps. I think as long as we can surf smoothly, decent loading, no traffic hiccups whatsoever, numbers are just numbers…..

I am still considering upgrading to fibre optic plan… but quite an overkill for the slow international speed. dilemmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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