I am the luckiest daughter, and daughter…

It’s odd how our mentality about someone or something changes. If it changes from the negative to the good, you see enlightenment…

I have 2 mums. Or to put it more accurately, of late I’ve grew 2 new mums. One is my biological, original mamee. The second is drago’s momee, Aunt May. Former is quiet, the latter is louder. Each special in their own ways.

Words cannot describe how much I heart them now… It is not difficult to figure that someone has put you in their hearts…

For the past few years, both moms have been really sweet to me. I am ashamed of myself to realise how I used to dislike them both ? I think my mamee loves my bro and sis more, I have always felt being cast aside. I guess I was too head-strong, independent, and my parents never have to fret for me. Momee used to dislike me, I can tell…. I’m glad things have changed. She is the fave person I love to confide in now. Shame on me, I discuss my problems to momee more than my own mamee. I conclude that the biggest challenge in a relationship is not just between yourself and your partner, but also learning to love people who matters to him most…. woah~~~~ chiminology. LOL

I feel like a little girl being love all over again when they buy pretty things for me. My mamee who never fails to buy me gifts when she returns from Malaysia. Momee who never fails to buy me something when she returns from her holidays.

Pictures up soon once I’ve finish consolidating. =)))))))

    • Kiwiwiwi
    • March 2nd, 2011

    Wah… your blog finally got new postings… hehe
    It feels good to know that you’re loved, eh?
    Glad that you’re in a happier place now. And I agree, when you love someone, it’s an experience learning to love what matters to that person most. “Ai Wu Ji Wu” mah…

    x J

  1. didn’t know i stop writing for so long. =(

    how are you, feel like i drop you off the airport yesterday only. i dunno why time seems to be crawling, but i hope you are liking the experiences now…

    so envious of NYC !!!!

    • Kiwiwiwi
    • March 9th, 2011

    Singapore feels like such a long time ago, although it was only 1.5 months ago! Guess it’s cuz I jumped straight in to a new production after I got back to Seoul, without a break.

    Even the current show’s coming to an end on 19 March… Then 2 weeks off before I fly to NYC.

    I didn’t think I’d visit NYC so soon, but I really need a proper vacation (haven’t traveled for leisure since April 2010?) and bought the flight tickets before I changed my mind.

    I’m excited about Broadway! First show I’ll watch is Phantom for sure… lol Hmm… This is an “open” website eh? Think I better e-mail you… lalala

    xoxo J

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