Woke up to the ting of an incoming SMS. I read the good news and jumped out of my bed feeling both anxious and excited. Guess what…..

Baby LerAnne has landed safely into the arms of her lovely parents this morning. Can’t wait to see her… I know the generous mummy is already welcoming us to hold and gush over the girlie. yes, i am coming over after my exams to pinch her chubby cheeks. i love the smell of babies.

But gotta wait until my last paper tonight, which is starting in 3.5hrs time. I can only managed 3 theories and could not jam anymore into my brain. It got me so stressed out that I am beginning to have difficulties sleeping well and my neck starts to hurt badly again. I feel that I have so many things to accomplish…. my mind cannot rest and I feel so uncomfortable. Went clinic to get some more supply of muscle relaxant, the doctor warned me against taking too much and suggested I try the super expensive Dunlop pillow. Doc, my pain did not originated from my cheap feather pillows loh. it’s in my mind and you should resume giving me yellow pills instead of muscle relax.

So my relative said these to me when i lamented about my situation:

Me: “这么样。。。时间不够用。。。!”

Y: “简单喔。时间像乳沟一样,挤一挤就有了。还不快挤!马上去读书!”

That time-squeezing-cleavage got me laughing mad the whole night. Good one.

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