HPV Vaccinations

Greenlight came that we can make use of Medisave to pay for cervical vaccination starting November. This is good news for me as I have been contemplating to get vaccinated for years due to high cost. To be eligible, ladies must be between 9 to 26 years old with sufficient amount in the holder’s Medisave. To apply, simply collect the forms from clinics; fill it up and submit back to the clinic with latest Medisave statement and photocopy of IC. Also remember to enquire about co-payment as Medisave only allows $300 deduction per year…

Kiasee or not, the vaccination (3 doses) give you 70% protection from cervical cancer. Deciding between Cervarix and Gardasil was hard. After discussing with the doctor, I picked Cervarix. So far, I have not experience any side effects after the first vaccine except for the sore upper arm. Which vaccination wouldn’t give aching and sore muscle…. It was quite painful as compare to the flu jabs I take annually. Nonetheless, the pain is still bearable…

It will be my second dose one month later. 来啊!谁怕谁!!

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