The last hope.

I’ve seen how families and relationships broken apart due to third party – that is extremely common on my paternal side of relatives. I’ve met man who strayed. I’ve met a man who never keep his promises. I’ve witnessed my mother crying badly when we were young. Recently, my mother has been down and out – at times her eyes red and swollen.

Why do women always suffer in failed/problematic relationships ? I am aware that more cheating women is on the rise now…. I swear to myself that I will never be like her, that I must be financially independent, that i must be emotionally stronger than anyone, that nothing can break me apart. I can only rely on myself for solace and comfort. And boy, it has causes me much emotional fatigue.

I guess that is how i sort of becoming quite feminist. And i guess thats why my past relationships never work – i resist too hard.

Thank goodness, I have a man now who loves me more than I love him… An angel sent down the period when my bro passed this world for good. (though at times he pisses me off real badly hehe). he never gets bored when i start talking how much i miss seng. always trying his best to keep me happy though he has super low EQ….

Why study Sociology. I am a curious cat. Perhaps I can do a thesis on what, how, why cause people to be unfaithful. Google on infidelity, common reasons are : 1) signs that marriage is heading towards doom; 2) boredom in bed with same partner; 3) thrill and ego; 4) getting back at spouse; 5) just itchy, etc

This world lacks compassion. Nothing is safe and trustworthy anymore. Hence please never take what you have for granted, the shittiest thing can hit on you. Shit hits on me because i was full of shit (i am saying this not to point at this particular cheating matter).  If folly repeats itself, maybe it time to reflect on yourself rather than blaming on others and the world.

The purpose of this post is to voice out my wrath on such issues and detail down the attempts i’ve made. It is common yet often hidden under the darkness of secrecy. I know I am not alone and I have no one wise enough to talk to. I am totally on my own to juggle with time, emotion and money. So I am not going to pretend that everything will be okay on its own. I’ve step on shit because shit gets in my eyes. So yea…. shit on you cinagolddiggerslut.

I want to take another approach and try to amend things. I am giving this folly another shot because I dread the thought of being fatherless.

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